Indian Constitution cover

Indian Constitution

  • Recorded & Live Lectures
  • Note on Each Subjects
  • Mock Test
  • Main Anwer Writing Discussion
  • White Board Teaching 
  • Doubt Clearing Session

Instructor: Judicial Adda

Language: English and Hindi

Validity Period: 180 days

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This course is beneficial for those who are preparing for PCS (Judiciary), Civil Services exams  (Law Optional) and any legal competitive Exams.

Online lectures, recorded videos, notes on this subjects and online test facility are included under this course.

In this course, Chapter wise classes shall be held. Following chapters shall be covered:

1. Introduction

2. The nature of the Indian Constitution

3. Salient Features of the Indian Constitution

4. The preamble of the Constitution

5. The Union and its territory

6. Citizenship

7. Fundamentals Rights

8. Right to Equality

9. Right to Freedom

10. Protection in respect of Conviction for offences

11. Protection of Life and Personal Liberty

12. Safeguards against arbitrary arrest and detention

13. Right against exploitation

14. Right to Freedom of Religion

15. Cultural and Educational Rights

16. Right to Constitutional Remedies

17. Directive Principle of State Policy

18. Fundamentals Duties

19. The Union Executive, The Prsident, Vice President and Council of Ministers

20. The Parliament

21. The Union Judiciary- The Supreme Court

22. The State Executive

23. The State Legislature

24. The State Judiciary

25. Privileges of the Legislature

26. The Union Territories and Tribal Areas 

27. Panchayats, Municipalities and Co-Operative Societies

28. Panchayats, Municipalities and Co-Operative Societies

29. Relations between the Unions and the States

30. The State Liability

31. Right to Property

32. Freedom of Trade, Commerce and Intercourse

33. Services under the Union and States

34. Tribunals

35. Elections

36. Official Language

37. Special Provision relating to Jammu and Kashmir

38. The emergency provisions

39. The Amendment of the Constitution

40. Constitutional Amendments

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