Contract Act cover

Contract Act

  • Recorded & Live Lectures
  • Note on Each Subjects
  • Mock Test
  • Main Anwer Writing Discussion
  • White Board Teaching 
  • Doubt Clearing Session

Instructor: Judicial Adda

Language: English and Hindi

Validity Period: 90 days

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Under this course, you will get the live and recorded lectures on the topic  Contract Act, 1872. This section is usefull only for the UP PCS J, ADJ, LLB etc. Aspirants or the students having the following subjects in their respective course curriculum.

The lectures shall be delivered on each section of below topic and aslo previous years papers of UP PCS J shall be discussed simultaneously.

  1. Introduction
  2. Definition and Essentials of a Contract
  3. Proposal or Offer, Acceptance and Revocation.
  4. Consideration.
  5. Contracts and Different types of Agreements.
  6. Capacity of Parties
  7. Fee Consent
  8. Illegal Object and Consideration
  9. Void Ageements
  10. Contigent Contract
  11. Termination/ Discharge of Contract
  12. Breach of Contract and Its Remedies
  13. Discharge of Contract by Frustration and operation of Law
  14. Quasi-Contract
  15. Indemnity and Guarantee
  16. Bailment and Pledge or Pawn
  17. Agency
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