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Judicial Adda Institute is one of India’s leading online platform which facilitates online coaching classes for Judicial Services Competitive Examination like Additional District Session Judge Examination, Civil Judge Junior Division PCS (J), Assistant Prosecution Officer Exams APO, Assistant District Attorney ADA, Judicial Magistrate, Special Public Prosecutor for CBI, and Law Officer for various states i.e. Madhya Pradesh (MP PCS-J), Uttar Pradesh (UP PCS-J), Delhi (DJS), Himachal Pradesh (HPJ), Rajasthan (RJS), Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Haryana (HJS), Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal, Punjab, Bihar (BJS), Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Mizoram, Odisha, Nagaland, etc.


Online Applications are invited from residents of New Delhi and candidates of other states also, if exceptionally deserving, for filling up the Post of Legal cum General Studies Researcher.


Name of Post

No. of Vacancies

Consolidated Pay Scale

Essential Qualifications

Legal cum General Studies Researcher


Rs. 35,000

I. 10% of the Consolidated Pay shall be paid in advance at the time of execution of the Non-Disclosure Agreement

II. 20% of the Remaining Consolidated Pay shall be paid once 20% of the assignment is completed.

III. 20% of the next Remaining Consolidated Pay shall be paid once 40% of the assignment is completed.

IV. 20% of the next Remaining Consolidated Pay shall be paid once 60% of the assignment is completed.

V. 20% of the next Remaining Consolidated Pay shall be paid once 80% of the assignment is completed.

VI. Balance of the Consolidated Pay shall be paid once the assignment is completed.

Bachelor Degree of Law from recognised University/Institute established by Law and approved by Bar Council of India.


Qualified Mains Judiciary [PCS (J)] or Assistant Prosecutor Officer’s (APO) Examination conducted by Public Service Commission or High Court of any state of India.


Qualified Prelims Examination of Indian Administrative Service (IAS) conducted by UPSC, provided that the candidate’s optional subject must be Law.

How to Apply:

The selection of a suitable candidate for the appointment of the above said post will be made by holding an online one to one Interview.

The interested candidate may mail his/her application along with CV to Shortlisted candidates will be informed of the day and time schedule for the online Interview. The subject line of the Email shall be Legal cum General Studies Researcher.

For any query, the candidate may call at 979221 7748.

The following shall be the topics to be researched and explored by the candidate. The candidate should possess a basic understanding of the following topics.

Note: These topics are not for the purpose of the Interview.


· Location, dimensions and frontiers

· Physical Features

· Islands

· Coral Reefs Areas in India

· Deserts

· Soils in India

· River System of India

· Lakes

· Climate and Forest Resources

· Major Vegetation Types

· Agriculture

· Mineral Resources of India

· National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries

· Important Towns and Locations

· Important Sites and Monuments

· Population of India

· CENSUS 2011 & 2021

· Indian Tribes and Their Habitat


· Everyday Science

· Important List

· Fundamental of Physics

· Important Laws of Physics

· Frequently asked questions

· Fundamental of Chemistry

· Metals and Non-Metals

· Alloys

· Minerals

· Chemical Compounds

· Industrial Chemistry

· Organic Chemistry

· Radioactivity

· Important Laws of Chemistry

· Important Chemical Processes

· Important Chemical Tests

· Life Science

· Classification of the Living Organism

· Important Biological Phenomena

· Human Body

· Diseases of Human Body

· Common Disease


· Solar system

· Earth and its basic facts

· Atmosphere

· Winds

· Lithosphere

· Geographical Features

· Hydrosphere

· The World We Live in


· Introduction

· Characteristic of Computers

· Advantages

· Computer Architecture

· Input/ Output Devices

· Some Commonly used Terms

· Different Types of Languages

· Operating System (OS)

· Networking

· Internet

· Cellular Technology


Ancient India

· Valley Civilization (2600-1900 BC)

· Vedic Period: The Aryans

· Emergence of Kingdoms or Mahajanapada

· Growth of Buddhism and Jainism (6th Century BC)

· Magadh Empire

· Alexander's Invasion (Greek Invasion)

· Mauryan Empire (321-289 BC)

· Gupta Dynasty (AD 320-550)

· Rise of Feudalism in India

· The Pallavas (AD 575-897)

· Chalukyas (543-755 AD)

· Rashtrakutas (755-975 AD)

· Sangam Age

· Imperial Cholas (AD 850-1279)

· Rajputs (AD 650-1200)

· Other Dynasties

Medieval India

· Sultanate of Delhi (1206-1526)

· Mughal Dynasty

· Vijayanagar Empire

· Sikhs and Marathas

Modern India

· Coming of Europeans

· East India Company and British Rule

· The Carnatic Wars

· British Rule

Indian Freedom Struggle

· First War of Independence

· Name of the Movement and its Course of the Movement and Consequence

· British Rule after Revolt

· Gandhian Era (1918-47)

· India after Independence

· Important Tables and Lists of India History


· 100 Important Books and Authors

· World's Great Personalities

· Prominent Figures of the Indian Freedom Movement

· Religions of the World

· Awards and Honours

· National Awards

· Sports

· Terms associated with Sports

· All-purpose Glossary

· Miscellaneous


· National Current Affairs

· International Affairs

· Indian Economy

· Sports and Tournament

· Miscellaneous Topics


· Planning in India

· Five Years Plans

· Industries


· National Insignia (Like: National Flag, National Emblem, National Anthem, National Song, etc...)

· World Record held by India

· Dances of India

· Transport and Communication

· Defence and Security

· Science and Technology

· India's Atomic Research

· Nuclear Power Projects in India


· UN Organisation

· EU

· The Commonwealth

· The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)

· South Asian Association for Regional Co-Operation (SAARC)

· Other World Organisation

Other Terms and Conditions:

a) For the said assignment, an agreement shall be executed between the parties and it can be revoked or cancelled anytime by the Judicial Adda Institute after serving one- month's notice.

b) The candidate may be hired for another assignment also, if he/she serves the Institute satisfactorily.

c) If any book is published on the topic of General Studies based on the work of the candidate, his/her name with his/her qualifications shall be mentioned in the book.

d) The book and notes prepared by the Institute based on the work done by the candidate shall be the property of the Judicial Adda Institute.


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